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PC Optimization

PC Optimization

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Strongbr The emFile Attachment Propertiesem dialog box appears. brimg src"https:dyzz9obi78pm5. cloudfront. netappimageid5679a95432131c7d39a8ce09nadobeacrobat9pro-annotatingapdffile-addinganattachment2. gif"plilipOn the emAppearance emtab, in the emIconem list, select the type of icon you would like your attachment to appear as.

PC Optimization

Nbsp; So, Ken. nbsp; Wasnt seeing the screen, but then I figured it out. nbsp; I had too many windows open. nbsp; Taren asks, Is there an easy way to save library parts down to earlier versions of ARCHICAD?nbsp; [0:19:25]ppThe ARCHICAD 22 file menu allows you to save a project down to ARCHICAD 21 format or earlier.

nbsp; No, unfortunately, there are real limits to downgrading files, so Ill give you sort of the nutshell.


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