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Graphic & Design

Airserver. comimg2bullet9-yt. png"divh3AirPlay from the YouTube apph3pAirServer for Mac once again supports this feature. Besides Applenbsp;TV, AirServer was the first application to provide this feature.

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Do you agree with the advice and is it a good point to place in the article, for the benefit of newcomers. 16 September 2006 ppI firstly do not agree that community college courses wouldn't be good. However it would depend on the level of interest that the student had (ie: I want to fix the red eye in this picture of my grandma, or I want to be able to work with new and existing images to create inspired and thoughtful pieces of art). In many cases, learning a program like this from a class has several benefits: you have a real live person with (hopefully, but generally) extensive and practical knowledge of the software, you are more likely than not reading the same text that you could buy in the store, and community college classes are generally cheaper than hiring a pro, and longer term with the possiblity of more depth.

I'd also like to say that knowing how to "use" software, does not mean you can actually be creative with it.

Graphic & Design

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