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Luxion Releases New KeyShot 8—Renderer for Mac and Windows

Luxion has announced KeyShot 8, the next generation of its industry-leading real-time ray-tracing and global illumination software program for 3D rendering and animation.

KeyShot 8

Big new features in KeyShot 8 include displacement mapping, materials with bubbles and embedded flakes, new volumetric materials including volume caustics, liquids, interactive cutaways on rendered models, and interactive color and intensity curve adjustments, among other finer details.

These new features advanced KeyShot 8 to a level that eliminates the need of users to use additional software programs to create such advanced rendered details and effects and provide more powerful modeling and visualization capabilities. Here are highlight items of note:

  • Image Styles — a totally new feature that allows users to make photographic adjustments to KeyShot scenes in real time prior to and after rendering. The image styles can themselves be saved to be reused in KeyShot Studios. Photograph options include things like Tone-Mapping, Curve Control, Color Adjustment, Background color override and the ability to apply a Frontplate.
  • Cutaway — a new approach to creating sectional cutaways is to use geometry primitives. The remaining removed geometry can then have applied custom materials for a special sectional contrast look and particular objects can also be omitted from the effect of the cutaway
  • Scattering Media — KeyShot 8 now supports the ability to simulate particles scattering and volumetrics such as smoke and fog. Used in combination with physical light, rays, and beams of light can be now visualized. Users will have the option to apply a Density Texture and there is full support for OpenVDB files applied to the Density Texture as a Volume Map.
  • Geometry Nodes — KeyShot 8 offers an entirely new way of working with geometry, via three new types of geometry nodes (shaders) to modify the geometry of an object with displacement, bubbles or flakes. This all works through the Material Graph, the advanced material editor in KeyShot.
  • KeyShot Viewer — KeyShot Viewer is a new, feature-rich app to compliment design reviews, make presentations more interactive, and generally improve collaboration. Users can open, view, interact with a KeyShot scene in real-time using mouse, touch, pen, or stylus to explore the scene or change materials and lighting.

There is also an all-new Migration Assistance to migrate custom resources from KeyShot 7. KeyShot Cloud is now fully integrated into the KeyShot 8 user interface with no login required to browse resources.

01 – The new Cutaway feature shown in this image from DEVELOP 3D LIVE in Boston last week at the KeyShot booth. The capabilities with this new tool were impressive.

A new Spotlight material type offers advanced light control with gobo (stencil) support. Liquid interfaces now eliminate the need to separate liquid geometry into different surfaces, and there is RGB hex color codes support. Another nifty improvement is that Alpha transparency is now supported in screenshots.

On the interoperability front, KeyShot 8 has a new option for glTF/GLB export for allowing sharing of interactive scenes to platforms like Facebook or to PowerPoint. Rhino 6 (Mac and Windows) and Autodesk Inventor (Windows) is also now supported.


KeyShot 8 is now available for download and purchase at and through all certified resellers. Those who purchased KeyShot 7 or after 15 August 2018, as well as all customers who purchased KeyShot for Education or KeyShot for ZBrush, will receive the upgrade for free.

02 – New Tone Mapping adds even more realism to KeyShot’s rendering powers.

To learn more visit them online or contact sales at [email protected] or click here.

Architosh Analysis and Commentary

Last week at DEVELOP 3D Live in Boston, I had a chance to see KeyShot 8 in person at their booth during this innovative and exciting one-day conference. Jeff Hayden, chief operating officer, was there on hand to talk to me about the new features in KeyShot 8. This particular update is quite impressive and adds capabilities that decrease the need to use post-production tools to enhance rendering images further. 

The ability to emulate particles scattering in the air within a particular volume was a key feature Hayden demonstrated to me. Used in combination with animated lights this feature can create very dramatic presentations useful across any range of subjects. The other feature that impressed me was the new Cutaway tools. You essentially create any other shape using a modeling primitive, slide it so it intersects your subject model and then hit the cutaway command. This is really like a type of boolean operation via subtraction (it may, in fact, be a boolean operation). Surfaces geometry can be closed up along the invisible faces of the intersecting cutaway object. Specific textures can be applied to those surfaces—as shown in image 01 above. 

03 – New displacement capabilities enable any procedural texture to modify the topology of a geometry. In this image, the form you see was originally a simple sheet of metal or a plane, essentially.

The other impressive thing Hayden showed me was how KeyShot 8 can use textures to modify geometry, as in image 03 above. I was also surprised to learn that Hayden said that KeyShot 8 can then export that modified geometry as, well, “geometry.” 

For those who are not aware, Luxion’s technology was the first real-time ray-tracing 3D rendering technology on the market and is still a market leader. It initially came to the market under the name HyperShot by Bunkspeed, approximately in 2007. HyperShot 1.5 was announced by Bunkspeed in the summer of 2008. This highly awarded program than ran into a licensing issue with Luxion who owned its core rendering technology. The two parties split and the market ended up with Luxion’s KeyShot and Bunkspeed’s newly renamed SHOT. I enjoyed having a catch-up on this history with Jeff Hayden of Luxion. Architosh over the years chronicled these changes through various news coverage. Here are some links of interest for those who want to dig in a bit on the history. 

A little History

The first major update to the original HyperShot came as version 1.5 in the summer of 2008. We noted it now supported Rhino for both Windows and Mac. A little less than two years later Luxion—led by Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen, chief scientist of Luxion—announced KeyShot, a rival to HyperShot. It supported both Mac and Windows at the time. Within the same month of the KeyShot announcement, Architosh heard from Bunkspeed CEO Philip Lunn about the future of HyperShot becoming “SHOT.” In this particular story here, we noted that HyperShot actually kind of debuted on the Mac at COFES in Apple’s technology suite there. This was in the latter half of the first decade, the iPhone was out and things were very exciting with Apple. 

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In this video clip, Phil Make of Simply Rhino, requires a appearance at consuming a proposed design for an info kiosk constructed in Rhino for Mac and rendering this in an new surrounding with KeyShot for Mac. In this movie we are making use of Rhino for Mac pc v5.3.2 and the latest service launch of KeyShot 7 (December 2017). If you possess any queries relating to KeyShot or you would like to enquire about purchasing a KeyShot license then you can contact us on the quantity at the best of the web page or email us at This email address is definitely being protected from spambots. You require JavaScript enabled to look at it.

we're also always content to help and would love to listen to from you. If you make use of Rhino on the Home windows system and would including to find out about making use of KeyShot then you can look at our.

Product Style Object rendering - Textures, Mapping and Brands In this video, Phil Cook of Simply Rhino requires a appearance at producing photorealistic pictures of a House Associate. The device is modelled in Rhino for Mac pc with minimum fine detail and after that delivered in KeyShot for Mac where detail such as a pérforated grille and local raised and recessed moulded areas can be added. Making use of a straightforward illumination and atmosphere setup, Phil looks initial at generating mesh materials for the Ioudspeaker grille. Two methods are complete, making use of and adjusting the constructed in mesh material and developing a brand-new materials from damage using a colour map, bundle chart and opacity chart. As well as creating the materials, the subject of managing the mapping and scaling the textures in KeyShot is usually examined.

Finally the subject matter of developing local textures for text message, button symbols etc is certainly demonstrated making use of KeyShot't Labels function, and this will be also used to generate local bump maps and opacity road directions in order to develop moulded fine detail that is definitely not present on the Rhino model.

Rhino3d for Mac Rhino for Mac pc v5.3 now obtainable - right now with plugin assistance layouts Rhino for Macintosh, sometimes known to as Rhinó for OSX, différs in some crucial locations to the product, please get in touch with us for details. Rhino3d for Windows is one of the almost all widely used 3D modelling applications in the entire world.

Popular with designers, architects, designers, performers and manufacturers - there is definitely simply nothing to similar Rhino in terms of price and performance. Right now this effective modelling application is accessible for Mac OSX. Rhino will be popular across a wide range of industries including architecture, jewellery, ocean design, item design, film and Television, exhibition design, stage of purchase and transportation. Highly accurate technical surfaces and solids discussed with clients and colleagues via a wide variety of typical file forms and Rhino provides all the equipment needed to make 2D production documentation when required. Rhino natively supports 3D printing and speedy prototyping and all 3D printers or 3D printing reporting agencies will take result from Rhino.

Rhino for Mac pc has long been designed from the beginning to appear and experience like a real Mac program. The user interface of Rhino3g for Home windows and Rhino for Mac pc are intentionally very various - a true 3D working environment is certainly obtainable within the comfort of the Mac interface.

Unrestrained modelling tools enable the consumer to model anything that can be imagined irrespective of form, intricacy or size. Work openly with 2D or 3D figure, areas solids and meshes; import present models, geometry, photographic sources or sketches via a vast range of document types. Rhino's i9000 non-prescriptive workflow ensures that designers can model in an specific and unencumbered manner whilst preserving a higher level of accuracy. Besides the 3D atmosphere, Rhino offers a full collection of 2D tools suitable for both initial design design and manufacturing composing.

Some notes from the Rhino for Macintosh Product Supervisor - Dan Belcher, McNeel - “Rhino can be used in therefore many different industries; where there's freeform shapes, now there's Rhino. It provides a solid collection of strong, mesh, and analysis tools. It provides stylistic screen settings that make it obvious, fast, and fun to get points visualized. It's suitable with therefore many various items.the go-to software for interoperability. Assistance is free of charge and human-scale - no silly tickets and paperwork - not to point out the consumer area that provides constructed up over the yrs. Rhino has turn out to be the platform for therefore many innovative tasks and we are thrilled to provide it to the Mac.

We believe that skilled modelers and OS X customers will experience right at house.” Rhino is definitely relatively easy to learn. Merely Rhino have a broad range of training solutions for developed to shorten the studying competition and provide industry specific workflow solutions.

Finally, Rhino can be incredibly competitively costed and there are usually no yearly servicing or assistance fees. Are you totally new to Rhino for Macintosh? Then watch the our fitness instructor Sean provides place together which addresses the pretty basics you need to start your trip with Rhino3g on the Macintosh. In the initial video Sean introduces you to Total Coordinates, Essential contraindications Coordinates and Range Angle Limitation. Rhino for Macintosh Key Functions: Design, edit and analyse any 3D form, item or details you can picture, all with no limit on size or accuracy, ideal for Airplane or Structures, Jewellery or Joinery. Rhino3n's accuracy enables the style to be propagated downstream for evaluation, speedy prototype development, 3D Print and final produce all from the individual accurate model. Talk about the versions with your in-house 2D Composing tools, CAM, Making or Representation software program.

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No high specification or specialist hardware needed. There are some crucial variations between the Rhino for Home windows Mac items, these features will not really be in the first edition of Rhino fór Mac:. Grasshopper. Layouts. Worksessions. SolidWorks document transfer. GHS assistance.

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KML, WMF, ZPR, ánd SCN document I actually/O. Third-párty Plug-ins. Rhinó for Mac Technical Information. Intel processor. OS Times Mountain Lion (10.8.5) or later. 4GN or more RAM is certainly recommended.

A multiple-buttón mouse with scroIl wheel is recommended. Though it can be not really a requirement, a dedicated GPU (Images Cards) will be recommended Presently, the MacBook Airs, the 13' Mac pc Book Pros, and the Macintosh Mini cruise ship with the included Intel HD Images GPU should become avoided. The problem generally can be with the Intel HD cards across all systems (not just Macintosh). The larger 15' Mac pc Book Advantages have the option to add a devoted NVIDIA G-Forcé GPU (which works great, mainly because longer as the you perform not really re-enable thé Intel GPU). AIl the modern iMacs and Mac Pros mail with dedicated ATI Radeon credit cards.

In short: as with PCs, prevent the Intel HD cards. We're pretty sure you'll see greater choices of devoted GPU'beds across even more versions of Macs offering Rhino for Mac pc users even more hardware options in the potential.

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